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Bahrain School – COVID-19 Protocols

1. ALL Students must have a submitted Pre-Screening Protocol form prior to returning to school.

2. Do not come to school if you are feeling sick, as is written on the Pre-Screening Protocol form.

3. Students will be required to wear face coverings/masks at all times, unless otherwise directed by an adult. Face coverings/masks must not display vulgar messages or inappropriate images.

4. Students will be required to wear a face covering/mask to enter the bus and for the duration of the ride and will have assigned seating on the busses.

5. Students should wash hands frequently or sanitize when hand washing isn’t feasible.

6. During lunch times, once seated in their designated desk, students may remove their face covering/mask to eat and drink. Upon completion of the meal, students must put their face covering/mask back on prior to standing and leaving the cafeteria.

7. While moving throughout the building, students must wear masks at all times.

8. Following movement protocols, students must stay on the right when walking through the hallways and stairs.

9. While waiting, students should not crowd with their peers, 6 feet of social distance must be followed.

10. MSHS Only: Students may sit on the gym bleachers while waiting in the morning for school to begin. Allowable seating options are identified by large yellow dots.

11. MSHS Only: Students may sit on the hallway benches during lunch break. Allowable seating options are identified by large yellow dots.

12. MSHS Only: Students may sit on bleachers outside in the morning and during lunch break. Allowable seating options are identified by a painted “X”.

13. Students are not authorized to bring personal items to school that can be shared. This includes: games, balls, toys, books, magazines, etc.

14. Water fountains can only be used to REFILL bottles. Students are not permitted to drink directly from the water fountain.

15. Students are required to follow all classroom COVID protocols:
        a. Sanitize desk at the end of each class.
        b. Follow assigned seating arrangements in the classroom, cafeteria, and busses.
        c. Sign in and out of classroom logs when leaving the classroom. It is important that we are able to track all movements (time out, location, time in).

16. Students must be respectful of all sanitizing materials (hand sanitizers, sprays, paper towels, etc.).

Everything we do is for the safety of ourselves and of others. 

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