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    The Bahrain School Dormitory programme aims to create an environment where all boarding students feel happy, secure, confident and are …

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    The Boarding Family A dedicated team of staff care for the boarders, fostering a mutually supportive family atmosphere. In the …

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    Dormitory Team The dormitory has three villas attached to the building accommodate some of the House Parents and their families, …

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The aim of the Dormitory is to foster a supportive and caring community for students in Middle and High School, where the students value belonging to a wider family. Dormitory students learn how to live, to work, to take on responsibility, and socialise in an internationally diverse community. 

Since its foundation, the dormitory has been an integral part of life at the school. Approximately 20% of high school students are dormitory students. The dormitory located at the heart of the campus provides an excellent standard of accommodation, as well as easy access to educational and sporting facilities. Dormitory life is complemented by supervised study and after school activity programmes.

Bahrain School

BISA dormitory serves the Bahrain Elementary and Middle/High School which is a U.S Department of Defence Facility shared with the local and expatriate community. The aim of the Dormitory is to provide a safe, happy and harmonious home-away-from-home, where students can develop both academically and personally.


Spacious and attractively decorated, the Dormitory combines basic necessities with modern conveniences. Boys and girls live in separate wings on both sides of the main reception area, and each wing has its own comfortable lounge, well-supplied kitchen area and laundry rooms.

BISA Dormitory
PO Box 24231
Kingdom of Bahrain
Telephone Number: +973 17729926
Fax number: +973 17729570

E-mail address: bisa-admissions@batelco.com.bh

Dormitory Director
E-mail address: bisabah@batelco.com.bh